Tags and categories

From what I’ve read, the rule of thumb is to use plenty of tags. That makes sense, more tags mean more opportunities for people to find your posts. My posts are usually fairly specific, though, so there is rarely a need for more than a couple of tags.

When it comes to categories, though, you’re told to be more restrained. It’s not recommended to have one category for every different thing you write about. So if you write about video games a lot, naturally you would have a video games category. But if you write a one-off piece about mountain bikes, that doesn’t merit its own category.

This blog had ten categories earlier, but I trimmed that number down to six just before I wrote this post. The Randomness category, which I used as a catch-all for everything that didn’t already have its own home, is more or less the same as Uncategorized so I can probably do away with it. On the other hand, I deleted a music tag that I may bring back, since music figures to be a big part of this blog. I’m sure I’ll keep making changes, but when it comes to categories I prefer less, rather than more.

What about you? How do you deal with tags and categories?


[Update Feb. 06] I’m updating this because I changed my mind and added a couple of categories. Music makes a triumphant return, and Racism, Atheism, and Feminism make their debut. I don’t want to have too much clutter on the right column of the blog, but I believe I will use the aforementioned categories enough that they warrant inclusion. Maybe I’ll change my mind yet again later. I probably will.