Links of Awesomeness

Some cool stuff from around the web.

Deadspin: Greg Howard tackles the questionable hire of Mike Wise for ESPN’s “black Grantland” site. A black Grantland sounds interesting and needed, but with Jason Whitlock at the helm, I’m not raising my hopes too much.

The Advocate: The moving obituary of Leslie Feinberg, trans writer, activist and all-around badass. As a straight guy who has a lot of learning to do when it comes to LBGTQ+ issues, I plan on readingĀ Stone Butch Blues ASAP.

BlackGirlDangerous: This link is from October, but I want to share it because I feel it’s an important topic: How does one balance social anxiety with the desire to get involved and make a difference?


And a reminder: that short story I promised is still on track to be posted Sunday.