lady justice

This poem is about police brutality. I felt it was appropriate with the especially upsetting miscarriages of justice in the news recently. I took inspiration from Langston Hughes’ “Justice.”

It is known that lady justice is blind,

but I wonder – can she hear?

Can she hear the bullets

pierce yet another body?

Can she hear the roars of grief

that ring out throughout the land, seeking answers?


It is known that lady justice is blind,

but I wonder – can she smell?

Can she smell the blood,

as it leaks into the streets

and out of the ruptured soul of a nation?

Can she smell the fear and rage

that builds up,

over yet another betrayal?


It is known that lady justice is blind,

but I wonder – can she taste?

Can she taste the blood

that drips from another one of her charges?

Can she taste the sweat that drips down a person of color’s face

as they see flashing lights in the rear view mirror; her sentinels?


It is known that lady justice is blind,

but I wonder – can she touch?

Can she reach out and console those

whose loved ones were cut down?

Can she caress and heal the wounds

that were cruelly inflicted?


It is known that lady justice is blind.




Links of Awesomeness

Max Read ponders why anyone should respect the law when the law does not reciprocate.

Many people have decried the blatant unfairness – and outright hostility – of the American justice system lately. But Albert Burneko says the system is working the way it was designed to. A snippet from his piece:

America is a serial brutalizer of black and brown people. Brutalizing them is what it does. It does other things, too, yes, but brutalizing black and brown people is what it has done the most, and with the most zeal, and for the longest. The best argument you can make on behalf of the various systems and infrastructures the country uses against its black and brown citizens—the physical design of its cities, the methods it uses to allocate placement in elite institutions, the way it trains its police to treat citizens like enemy soldiers—might actually just be that they’re more restrained than those used against black and brown people abroad. America employs the enforcers of its power to beat, kill, and terrorize, deploys its judiciary to say that that’s OK, and has done this more times than anyone can hope to count. This is not a flaw in the design; this is the design.

Some good stuff from Gawker Media lately. A lot of their stuff is silly nonsense, but they got a handful of good writers.

I’m working on a poem and another short story. I hope to publish the poem on Thursday.