Send a Holiday message to a survivor of prison rape

[Content note: prison rape]

I was reading Gawker today and I found out about this wonderful program from Just Detention International – Words of Hope – that enables you to send some Holiday cheer to a survivor of prison rape. It’s quick, easy, and free, so please check it out. Prison rape is an atrocious crime that targets an already vulnerable population and the assailants often go unpunished (worse still, the assailants are often correctional officers). To top it off, instead of standing in solidarity with the victims, popular culture often treats this issue as a laughing matter, effectively minimizing the pain and trauma the victims go through and making it harder to enact policies to combat this type of violent crime.

Sending a Holiday message is a very small thing, but it can help brighten someone’s day. It is worth doing.


Author: El Burro

A leftist factory worker who dreams of being a writer.

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