My kingdom for a good pair of shoes

Recently, I finally had to bid a fond farewell to my work shoes. They were your basic running shoes, light and comfortable and perfect for 12-hour shifts at the factory and they served me well for months. But the factory floor proved to be a lousy host, riddled as it is with loose, sharp pieces of wood that broke off from pallets, partially dislodged nails and small bits of metal, oil and grime, etc. My shoes nobly took considerable damage but after a while it was too much.

So I buy some new shoes. I test them out and everything seems fine. They’re a bit heavier than my previous pair but they were on sale for twenty dollars so I’m satisfied. Unfortunately, the problems begin right away. That extra weight, insignificant as it seemed when I first tried them on, starts to become very noticeable by hour ten at work. Worse still, they now seem tighter as well, and throughout the next couple of days the soreness kicks in. Then the blisters come. And yesterday, I wake up extra sore, take a look at my feet, and find bubbly blisters on both my pinky toes. Lovely. Work was no fun, to say the least.

I’m not sure I could handle this much longer if I worked every day, but luckily my job has an odd schedule: it’s basically two days on/two days off, three days on/two days off, two days on/three days off, and repeat. This means that I have the whole weekend to nurse my feet and get some new shoes. Which is my new problem: I have to spend a sizable chunk of my limited funds on work shoes, again.

One of the worst things about being poor is having to buy a needed item – clothes, appliances, phones – and then having said item break down (Though in this case the shoes didn’t break down, they just do not fit properly. My fault for not testing them more thoroughly, I suppose) before you’ve saved enough for a replacement. Then the questions come in: How am I going to afford to replace this? What am I going to have to cut from the budget? It’s almost amusing, in a tired-of-this-shit kind of way, how something as simple as buying a pair of shows can become a significant source of stress.

I’m still going over the budget and trying to make it work, but the bottom line is that I need new work shoes. My last workday was very painful and I can’t keep working like this. Sometime this weekend I’ll be off to look for specials and sales and see if I can find anything decent. This time, I’ll be sure to spend more time testing them out to make sure they fit properly.


Author: El Burro

A leftist factory worker who dreams of being a writer.

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