The next two years are going to be…interesting

The Republican party now has a majority in the Senate and an increased majority in the House. This was expected, but it is still disappointing. The demographic info tells a clear story: young indifference was no match for old, white resentment. That certainly was the case here in North Carolina, where milquetoast Dem Kay Hagan lost her reelection bid largely thanks to whites favoring her opponent Thom Tillis by a 62-33 margin.

So what now? The president will be able to veto some of the more noxious crap they try to pass, leading to continued gridlock in Washington. At this point that’s probably for the best. Better a do-nothing congress than one that is hard at work demolishing what remains of our pathetic safety net. Hopefully the GOP doesn’t manage to find too many Democratic stooges willing to go along with them and their backwards agenda.

2016 looks more promising, at least.




Author: El Burro

A leftist factory worker who dreams of being a writer.

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